Red Green and Black Chips

Although most of the roulette casino game is known throughout the world, its history and origin unknown mysterious questions and more.

For example, few people know that roulette was invented by accident as a byproduct. Its inventor was developing a French mathematician and computer introduced in the Western world. His name was Blaise Pascal and received roulette due to its unsuccessful experience.

Speaking of the original roulette, a first reference to the roulette table in 1796 by Jaques was lablee in his novel Roulette, ou days registered.

For a time in the history of roulette, which was interpreted by most influential and wealthy citizens. Today, most people can not imagine that the roulette tables to see them play and have been used there. In 1843 there were only tables with double zero roulette. But in the mid-19th century the popularity of the casino grew very. Moreover, when a small German town in Homburg, two brothers introduced a wheel with a zero, it became apparent that the casino is not enough players with double zero tables only. The casino market has become popular and more competitive. For this reason, the casinos had to do largely and only those with all available roulette tables was to win as many players they need. Therefore, Francois and Louis Blanc has a single zero roulette, designed to attract more players with high probability unusual.

There is also a story of François Blanc says he sold his soul to the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette. It's one of the reasons why the game of roulette as a devil.

Because the European innovation wheel, even a single scratch. At the same time, a visit to a casino in Las Vegas, find a double zero wheels.Many cards and casino chips

Another interesting fact is that in the 1990s there were more developments, thereby distorting the wheels more random and avoid mistakes.

In addition, many players have spent hours studying wheel mechanism to discover data extraction for errors and bias roulette wheels. In 1982 there was even a team of American players who went to Britain to casinos with old tires. They succeeded, so we took the casinos for big huge sum of money in a short period of time.

Speaking of ethical norms and traditions, it is considered rude to have a drink or something to eat at the roulette table. Therefore, if you can not handle and let's choose the best roulette game online at home and eat and drink whatever you want.